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For years now I have been kept awake late at night researching, pondering and dreaming about these amazing geniuses. My fascination for them is unbending, I think because they inspire something in me that is hard to quantify yet magical. These larger-than-life extremely knowledgeable people are what I believe most of us aspire to be, whether we know it or not. And so many of these geniuses have been kept hidden or suppressed or forgotten, for so long, that even if you might have heard of them, you probably don't know anything about the reasons why, you may have heard of them. That is what this place is about. I want to change that perception of these astonishing geniuses. I want people to ask questions about them, to dig around on the Internet and really wonder why it is that for the most part, we don't know anything about their lives and deeds. And how they contributed to humanity in a most positive sense, unlike some other geniuses you may be more aware of. We hope by getting these Ts onto the streets, into the malls, horse tracks, bars, theaters and wet T-shirt contests - this state of affairs will change. So whether you buy a T-shirt and start a conversation, or not, I hope you catch the bug and look into one, or many of these incredible minds.

- Rick Mowat, Founder - Positively Genius T-Shirts

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J.S. Bach, Leonardo da Vinci, John Dee and of course...The Count of St. Germain.


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