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1353-1336 BC - Pharoah of Egypt for 17 years. Brought mono-theism to Egypt and was later overthrown and killed for same. Founded the first Mystery Schools to help people evolve spiritually, some of which are still in existence today. Married Nefertiti and Tutankhamun was his son. A true visionary and yes...genius. (more below)

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Akhenaten is one of the most controversial figures to ever live. A lot of that has to do with the fact that until the late 1800s no one even knew he existed. So controversial he was in his own time that there was basically a coup from the leading priesthood who wanted him out so badly they murdered him and then went on to do everything in their power to eradicate anything remotely connected to the infamous Pharaoh.

Though Akhenaten presided over Egypt during during one of it's wealthiest periods, things didn't go well for this Pharoah. He had decided early on to do away with the current religion of multi Gods polytheism of whom the priesthood presided over which allowed the people salvation through pennance and gifts. Sound familiar? Akhenaten pushed for a pure one God monotheistic approach which in this case was centered around the sun or Aten. Many have misinterpreted this as the worship of the sun but that really was not Akhenaten had in mind. For him the sun represented a sacred energy the power to raise humans to a higher spiritual evolvement. But Akhenaten's 17 years as Pharaoh continue to be misinterpreted by most.

To many he was a legendary military leader and conqueror—however according to Rosicirucian records, he underwent a “spiritual reformation” in his later years after a life of warfare. Thutmose would refrain from further campaigns and devote his time to spiritual teachings and the “greater mysteries of life.” He then went on to form the arrangement of initiations and rituals which would later become the foundation of mystery school teachings. Thutmose “III” Akhenaten’s very famous and well liked Pharoah father is considered to be the traditional founder of the mystery school teachings which would later become the basis of the Rosicrucian Order. But it seems that Akhenaten was the real force in organizing a template for teaching ancient spiritual truths. It was based on those sages, masters and adepts in ancient Khemit or Egypt who maintained the oral tradition and were responsible for knowing and transmitting the true histories and meta-physical truths known as The Greater Mysteries. The spiritual teachings of Aten, in summary, taught an individual that they didn’t need a priest or an intermediary to access the divine—effectively putting the priests out of the job.

Also known as Amen-Hotep “IV,” which means “the fulfillment or sacrifice of the hidden;” he went on to change his title to Akhen-Aten which means “the shadow or shade of the wiser.” His kingly titles were Nefer-Kheperu-Ra-wa-en-Ra—Akhen-Aten. He had changed his title to honor the principle of Aten and rid affiliation with the religion of the corrupt Amen priesthood. 

As an act of rejecting the “religion of Amen,” Akhenaten and his great hemet and co-regent Nefertiti, his wife who he would have six daughters with, would move the capital of Khemit (Egypt) from Thebes (Luxor) to Akhet-Aten which means “the horizon of the wiser”—near modern day Tel-El Armana. There at Akhet-Aten (Armana) he would organize the mystery schools from the foundational teachings of his great-great grandfather—which would later become the Rosicrucian Order. He then chose the symbol of the rose-cross and created the initiations and degrees that are still used by Rosicrucians today. Akhenaten would oversee not only the birth of a mystery school, but a renaissance in Egyptian Art.

Though he is now saddled with the unfortunate title of 'heretic king,' Akhenaten was a truly bold and visionary figure who not only tried to strip the corrupt power of the priesthood, but started the Mystery Schools for spiritual enlightment of all humanity as well as making woman the equals of men. And he spawned probaby now the the most well Pharoah of all time, his son Tutankhamun or Tutankhaten. And he may have been the father to Moses as well. Both boys by the way were not from Neffertiti but another wife, Kiya.

If there are 100 works on Akhenaten then they are likely all different and in opposition to each other. It's a very confused state of affairs when it comes to Akhenaten but here is a good non-mainstream website to fill in some blanks of this most intriguing individual.

Covering Ahkenaten, Neffertiti and even Freud's take on the whole enchilada.